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We stock a range of stands that fit our flagpoles to suit most situations:


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Fittings & Other Accessories

Metal Base Stand and Rotator


Size: 400mm x 300mm.

This black powder-coated steel base stand includes a 17mm rotator offset on the base

which suits most of our flagpoles.

It has corner holes which can be

used to fix it to the ground if

desired with bolts or pegs, or

place a weight bag or something

heavy on the base to steady it

in changeable winds.


This stand can also be used

as a car stand, driving a car

wheel onto the base plate

rather than the weight bag.

Price: $85 + GST*

(Shown with weight bag

    $13 + GST)


In-Ground Rotator Peg, with ground Pipe


Sizes: 17mm & 25mm to suit various flagpoles

Supplied with a galvanised pipe

to stay in the ground and a peg

to help create the hole for this

pipe.  The zinc-plated steel and

aluminium/plastic rotator peg is

placed into the ground pipe

when the flag is flying.

The rotator peg is made for

all weather durability, while

allowing the flag to rotate

freely in the breeze to reduce

strain on the flag while also

attracting the attention of

passers-by to the flag


Price: $40.00 + GST*



Cross-Bar Rotator Stand

with 15 litre Water Bag


This foldable silver steel stand

with a 17mm rotator suits

most of our flagpoles.

It comes with a circular

plastic water bag with

a 15 litre/kg weight capacity.

This stand is an ideal

light-weight portable

solution, especially for

travelling road-shows.

Price: $80 + GST*

(including water bag)  

Water bag only:  $8 + GST*



Fence Post Rotator Peg


The In-Ground Rotator Peg (listed above) can also be used on a fence or wall, whereby the pipe is attached flush to the top of the

fence or wall, and the rotator peg

is placed into the pipe when the

flag is flying.  The pipe can be

attached with two galvanised

pipe clips included.

Price: $40.00 + GST*



Plastic Screw Rotator


Size: 25mm to suit the large 5.9m flagpole which is usually used to fly Bali flags and large pennants.

Ideal for sand or soft ground.

Black plastic, with a bar to

assist with winding it into

the ground.

Price: $60 + GST*



Weight Bag


This black polyester carry bag has handles and a zip, and is able to be filled with pebbles or sand (not included) for use on base stands.

Weight bag capacity depends

on contents, but approx. 7.5kg.

This is an ideal portable weight

solution for flag stands.

Price: $13 + GST*



Wall Bracket Rotator Peg


We stock some wall bracket options for attaching to the side or top of a building or wall.  These wall brackets are made or strongly welded steel with a rotator included.

The flagpole is slid onto

the rotator when flying.

We recommend these

wall brackets for smaller

flags only to reduce strain

on the bracket and unsafe

protrusion of the flag.

We also usually recommend

tear drop flags to prevent

undue wear on the flag's

bottom corner which may

otherwise continually flap

against the wall.


We stock 3 angles of these wall brackets -
      0 degrees,

      25 degrees, and

      90 degrees,

to suit our 3m fibreglass flagpoles.

The brackets are made of black

powder-coated steel with 4 holes

in the corners of the plate for fixing.

Fixing hardware is not included,

as this will vary with your situation.

Price: $60.00 + GST*



* Prices shown here do not include GST or delivery and apply while stocks last.

0 degrees

90 degrees

25 degrees

Circular Weight Bag


This circular red heavy-duty polyester weight bag has a zip for enclosing pebbles or sand (not included), and a strip of velcro to lock it in place around a central flagpole.  An ideal warning colour to alert people to a potential trip hazard.


The weight bag capacity and therefore

weight can be varied to suit your situation.

This is an ideal weight solution for the

cross-bar flag stands if you do not

want to use the water bag option.

Price: $13 + GST*



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