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Flagpole Fittings


We stock a range of pole knuckles and hooks for connecting the flag to the flagpole.

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Elastic Hook


This elastic hook provides secure

fixing of the flag to the flagpole

knuckle, allowing some flexibility

in wind gusts, and all-weather


Price: $1.60 + GST*

Aluminium Spring Clips


These 6.5cm aluminium spring clips provide secure fixing of flags to the flagpole knuckle,

and excellent all-weather durability.

Price: $2.00 + GST*

Other Accessories


We also stock these other accessories.

Pipe Clips


We provide 20mm zinc or galvanised pipe clips which can attach the

all-weather durable galvanised pipe

(sold with the in-ground rotator peg)

to a fence or wall.

The in-ground rotator peg is then

dropped into the pipe when the

flag is to be flown.

Price: $1.80 + GST* ea.

Pole Knuckle


This 20mm black plastic pole knuckle fits most of our flagpoles and allows easy adjustment with an all-weather durable

wing nut.  Clip the elastic

hook or aluminium spring

clip to the attached ring

and your flag is ready to fly.

Price: $3.50 + GST*


We also stock alternative pole knuckles suitable for other flagpoles with 16mm, 19mm, 25mm and 32mm diameter poles.

Circular Weight Bag


This circular red heavy-duty polyester weight bag has a zip for enclosing pebbles or sand (not included), and a strip of velcro to lock it in place around a central flagpole.  An ideal warning colour to alert people to a potential trip hazard.


The weight bag capacity and therefore

weight can be varied to suit your situation.

This is an ideal weight solution for the

cross-bar flag stands if you do not

want to use the water bag option.

Price: $13 + GST*

Carry Bag


This black polyester carry bag has handles, pockets and a zip, and is able

to contain multiple flags,

in-ground rotator pegs and

fittings, and or the cross bar

stand.  It has velcro straps on

the side for carrying flagpoles

(in their carry sleeves).

This carry bag is an ideal way

of keeping flags and accessories

together in one place.

Price: $15 + GST*

* Prices shown here do not include GST or delivery and apply while stocks last.

Weight Bag


This black polyester carry bag has handles and a zip, and is able to be filled with pebbles or sand (not included) for use on base stands.

Weight bag capacity depends

on contents, but approx. 7.5kg.

This is an ideal portable weight

solution for flag stands.

Price: $13 + GST*



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